inspiring your vacay sense of self through natural, vegan, feel-good formulas

so who are we and what's a sunset daze?

We’re a couple of self-proclaimed woo girls who love to get dazed.

A sister and brother duo from Melbourne, Australia (Naarm) who believe that “beauty” stretches far beyond a serum, foundation or lip tint. We believe beauty is a carefree, illuminated feeling. A feeling that we like to explain as a sunset daze.

It’s golden hour on a summer’s evening surrounded by your friends. At the beach, in a tropical destination or even just in the backyard, basking in the glow of a dazzling sunset. A blissful, unique sense of self that’s confident, alive and completely euphoric. That's what we call a Sunset Daze and that’s what we want to evoke in our dazed family each and every day.


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Our first product, Liquid Rays, is a nod to our affinity for shimmering summer days and dewy, sun-kissed skin. 

We never really liked the idea of covering up our natural complexion with layers of makeup that take forever to apply. We wanted something that was effortlessly uncomplicated, easily added to any beauty routine and actually did good for our skin. We were also sick and tired of mixing different foundation colours together on the back of our hands to get the right shade as our skin tones fluctuated throughout the seasons. Hence the birth of our first skin-lovin child, Liquid Rays. Formulated with nourishing ingredients, packaged with conscious components and created in Australia, it’s feel-good beauty that makes you and our planet glisten.

And this is just the beginning. We can’t wait to bring you more feel-good vibes through new products, repeat-worthy playlists, slightly cringey Tiktoks and so much more.


We believe innovation is an evolution. 

Our current range is petite, we know, and that’s due to our independent funding. We are a small locally run operation created with our own two hands, so building out the collection will take time. But hey, where we start is not necessarily where we end and we want you to come along for the ride. 

Have a cool idea you think we should develop next? Have a specific colour you desperately want to see on our site? Let us know all about it here. Getting dazed is way more fun when you do it with friends. 


Our impact is a fundamental part of all our decisions. We actively make choices that ensure we are minimising our carbon foot-print as we strive to be carbon neutral certified by the end of 2024.

From our formulas ~ Vegan, cruelty free, made in Australia, produced with GMP certified suppliers.

To our packaging ~ Reusable droppers, recyclable glass bottles, FSC-certified cartons and delivery boxes, clay ink print, recyclable tape and stickers made from recycled materials.

We do what we can to ensure we are reducing our mark on the planet so future generations can live to see sunsets just as dazzling as the ones we are so lucky to witness today.


Our formulas are made in Melbourne (Naarm) and so are all our cardboard boxes, the rest of our packaging is from China. We have full visibility over where our ingredients and packaging components are from and we aim to source as close to home as possible. We work with all our manufacturers to ensure we are making conscious decisions and we're completely up front about that.


We want this sunset space to be approachable and help enlighten your unique sense of self. No matter how that may look or feel.

Sunset Daze is a proudly inclusive organisation and an ally of LGBTIQ+ community and the movement toward equality.